Monday, September 29, 2008

The $90 Subway Lunch.

We recently spent a life-moment day at Cedar Point. Seven of us. After a full morning of thrills on the Raptor, Top Thrill Dragster and even the high speed horse race ride (yes I admit I rode the kiddie rides) we stopped at Subway to get a quick bite before heading out again and risking throwing it up. There was no line up, which in itself was weird. We ordered three 6" and two foot long Subs, comboed them and went to pay.

It came to over 90 bucks!

I said, "Did I hear that correctly? 90 bucks?"

A couple of subs that normally cost maybe $30 at the MOST came to half the price of an IPOD Nano! Nothing special about them either. Just plain subs. No coupon for a free IPOD shuffle, just some lunch meat and Pepsi. This was enough to bring 2 more people into the park for the day!!!

What was confusing was the menu board. They presented it in such a way that you would NEVER figure out how much you were going to pay until you were at the register -- and by then it was too late. There was three problems with this method of doing business:

1) You are only making customers mad. The girl actually told me almost everyone freaks when they hear their total Sub bill. How are you going to keep customers if they are expecting to pay $30 and it comes to $90. Bad business!

2) There was nothing special about it except they had a Subway dude you can have your pic taken with and the fact you can eat a familiar meal while enjoying your exciting day. They should have at least gave a ticket for a free park souvenir.

3) The menu board does not keep in the tradition of the most successful business lesson: "Remain Consistent". McDonalds serves billions because EVERY McDonalds has the same menu board, etc. People want the same experience, no surprises!

If they would have raised their prices slightly and stayed consistent with the menu board I would not have even thought about it. I mean I love Subway! However, I guarantee I will think twice about buying lunch at a Subway at any special venue now. If it was your business, wouldn't you have thought twice about possibly losing a customer just to gouge them for $60?