Sunday, February 6, 2011

If You Do Not Do Everything To Keep a Customer Once They Are in the Door, Close the Door!

Recent, my fiancé and my daughter went to a hair dressing and nails place to get my daughter's nails done for her first high school formal dance.

She was so excited! They both were.

The two of them had spent hours shopping in two countries to get the perfect dress and now it was the day before the dance.

My daughter had received a gift certificate for xmas for this hairdresser. None of us had been there so they were totally new customers.

Actually they had called to set an appointment and the lady said it was not needed just show up.

So back to the time they went. I dropped them off and was going to the library myself.

As I'm pulling away, they come back out and my daughter looks absolutely defeated.

What happened was as soon as they walked in, they were ignored and then finally asked, "Can we help you?"

My fiance said she needed her nails done and had a gift certificate. The lady immediately said no you need an appointment for that.

Of course my fiancé and daughter said they called as they were told no appointment was necessary.

The lady began arguing and talking to another worker saying no one would have said that and being generally difficult.

I mean what the hell? If someone walks in getting ready for a really important day, treat them special and you will have their business for life. Simple lesson. But most people don't get it.

It doesn't cost anything to be polite and consider the person in front of you.

If you are not able to read the importance of a customer and their needs, close your doors now because you are just delaying your demise. It may be cheaper to give up now.

Also, if your employees do not realize this lesson, it's your job as the owner to make sure they treat a potential lifetime customer like a pile of gold. Remember how hard it was to get them in the door in the first place!