Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day of Rest

Even the worst workaholic requires a rest now and then. Why? It recharges your batteries.

I used to train for bike races all year round until someone told me I needed a rest now and then. I said, if I rest, I get out of the groove. They said, if you don't rest you are not getting 1/2 the benefit of training, which is recovery. Operating on GO GO GO is actually very damaging to your body AND mind. I remember I used to use the mantra, "Time to Rest When Your Dead" whenever I would feel like stopping. Big mistake. Without the recovery you have no time to rebuild for the next battle and may just end up dead.

This morning I woke up with VERY sore hands and knees from a few days of 16 hour renovations. I was going to work for a few hours to get caught up but ended up kicking back watching TV and sitting outside in my lovely yard.

Man, talk about relief. I needed it, I know I needed it and finally didn't feel the guilt of not working 100% of the time.

So rememeber, rest and reflect now and then or go down in flames.

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