Wednesday, November 26, 2008


If three people come up with the same idea at the same time, who makes the money?

The one that doesn't think -- it's the one that acts fast!

I was recently looking for a service that my customers can text an ID# of a property and they would then receive a text with the property's information in return. I used good old google and found a company that specializes in SMS applications. I called them and talked to a sales associate that asked me if I was the same person that called two times already about this. I said no, I guess others are coming up with the same idea. Sounds like a perfect business for someone that can program. The guy said, "Yeh, I guess."

Man-o-man! I would have been all over it if that was my business! I have everything in place and a proven demand -- I would have been up all night trying to figure this one out. I would have had my guys on a caffeine-high for a week and sales people lined up to sell it.

So I go on Google again because I need it NOW not in a week. I find I have them contact me (they called me in minutes). No only can they do just what I want but they have a special feature just for my business-line (property management/realtors). Kim was very pleasant and helpful. They won the idea race by far!

Why don't people recognize opportunity when it's pounding on their skull? I just don't understand. Maybe it is because they have been conditioned to not pay any attention to good ideas and just do their job.

Sometimes the idea is just too expensive to develop. The good ones usually are. So why not come up with a smaller implementation of it? Something people would pay a dollar for instead of $1000.

Well hopefully you are looking for these ideas and taking advantage of them. Otherwise someone else is going to win the race today.

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