Monday, April 19, 2010

Business Update

I've spent a grueling year financially trying to recover from three major problems in my life:

1) A separation that created financial havoc for me.
2) I am still owed over $15,000 from clients and tenants that I will never see again.
3) My new marketing business is growing slowly but steadily, but not fast enough to keep up with the bills.

Each one of these problems has a seed of good in them though.

1) I've met someone I am totally compatible with and want to spend forever with. Each day is so different for me as I am now seeing why I worked so hard (to have those family moments I have always wanted). More important, I now know the value of family and rest and actually doing things you enjoy. I would have never had that if I continued on my previous path.
2) This one is hard. As of today, I am owed what I owe myself. So my net value is zero. However, the marketing skills I have learned this year, I know with certainty, will let me retire in 10 years.
3) The nature of Internet Marketing is that you begin slow, put lots of time into it, it makes a bit of money, then you sit and wait and it makes more money and sit and wait and it makes more money...all by itself. This is following the pattern as expected. It is called "building the pipeline" instead of carrying the water one bucket at a time. It was hard to get going but it is working.

Internet Marketing has been the toughest business subject I have had to learn but the lessons are so incredibly powerful, I can see never going hungry again.

As a side note, I have totally discontinued my rental business as I make about 3 to 10 times more (steadily) for 1/100 of the time I used to build it. I turned over the business to another firm that has since ran it to the ground in very short time (again, they didn't know even the most simplest business lessons that could have saved them).

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