Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I’ve Got It. You Need It. I’m Selling It!

Doesn't that just say it all?

It's what business should be. You found a product or service to sell. You know the customer that needs it now and you happen to have just what they are looking for. Talk about the perfect storm.

Some people will say, "That's a dream. Most businesses do not run on this concept."

Yes they do. Successful businesses better be following this day in and day out.

Take for example the IPOD. Apple is the only one that has it. You likely (at least think) you need it. And apple is selling it. Samsung is not selling it. A majority of people want an IPOD, not a copy. So you don't really need what they got. Samsung is selling it but likely not for long or at a super reduced price.

The idea is to have a monopoly on a product/service in order to take advantage of GOT/NEED/SELL.

I have often had this debate with people. Why can't I just sell what everyone else is selling? Because once this happens it is considered a commodity and the one with the lowest price is going to win (which is a NO WIN BATTLE IN THE END). If you are new to business you will not likely win in a price war. Why would you want to?

In other words, if you were selling MP3 players would you want to be Samsung or Apple?

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