Sunday, April 13, 2008

Business is Not for Sissies

I have come to the realization why people avoid beginning their own business...they don't have the stomach for what is ahead of them. Our business has gone through major hard lessons cycles which are as follows:

1) Beginning Business. Going to find clients. Ending up taking whatever comes along.
Pretty simple. No hassles. Just not the vision I had.
2) Getting clients that want a deal. Ok, I have a bit of savings to hold out. It will be worth the experience.
3) Experiencing the fact that they gave you the work because it was a HUGE problem (either financially, legally, morally, time wise.) Fine, that's what I get paid to do.
4) Not getting paid for what I did. Up my services by hiring people.
5) People are not showing up to work. No reliable workers, just everyone with their hand out. Ok, do the work myself until someone comes along.
6)Working 16 hour days not getting paid. Ok, take on work that pays and somehow keep things going. Almost broke.
7) Broke. Finally say thats enough.


8) Decide to change things. Dump non-paying clients despite everything (them giving you referrals or their complaints.)
9) Collect every dime owed you by whatever means.
10) This one actually surprised me but I all the sudden was BROKE and had massive amounts of people pissed at me.

I had did everything correctly according to the book and was not giving up. I don't have the choice of giving up.

11) Expand beyond your capabilities. Take on guys that see the possibilities of your business and hire them on pro-bono. Go get new good clients. Insist on your terms.

12) Get to your last dollar. Spend it on the business without hesitation. Money now coming in from collections. It pays to starve now and then!

13) Service the hell out of your new clients. GROW GROW despite people being pissed at you or a zero balance at the bank or equipment breakdowns.

You now have the "business pepto bismol" to survive any stomach aches.

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