Thursday, April 17, 2008

Learn from Everyone

I have three business mentors right now and they likely don't even know the lessons they are teaching me.

1) Landlord that is younger than me. When I met this guy I was very cocky (still am). He taught me lessons about renovations I had no idea about. Since then these lessons have saved the business thousands. I have become better at mudding drywall despite 20 years experience (which is an art, not something learned)! He is also teaching me how to read perspective tenants. Stuff I thought I knew but actually didn't.

2) Uncle. My father died when I was 8 and my aunt's husband took on the job of keeping my 5 brothers and sister in weekend kid activities. Sledding, fishing, just silly stuff but so important to someone without a father. He has since taken over the MANAGER part of the business. Things get done, they get done fast and we make money. He does this all while working a full-time demanding job.

3) Kid across the street. Here is a guy that is a natural salesperson helping me do renos. The other talent he has is collections. He doesn't take any sh!t. He insists people pay me so I can pay him and he is happy with that.

Learn from any source you can. If business is always in your subconscious mind, people will turn over their experience in little understood ways.

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