Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Books I Can't Do Without!

I will update this on a regular basis. These are not books I promote just to make a couple bucks but things I read over and over to gain an understanding of business and success.

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

I literally read this book everyday. It is the ULTIMATE BUSINESS ATTITUDE BOOK. Napoleon Hill is a timeless business writer.

Think and Grow Rich

The original GET RICH book. I cannot say enough about this 71 year old book. Mr. Hill interviews so many millionaires and told us about it that I don't know how everyone is not RICH!

Monopoly Rules: How to Find, Capture, and Control the Most Lucrative Markets in Any Business

If you want to know how to KILL YOUR COMPETITION, check this book out. A Monopoly is not always a bad thing, just a guaranteed profitable practice.

Copy This!: How We Built Kinko's from a 10' X 10' Copy Stand into a Two Billion Dollar Business

You have to search for it, but the jems that make business billions are there.

The E Myth Revisited

Build a business system and make your millions -- just like McDonalds or Sarah with her pie shop.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is the book that got me to quit my high paying job and start to focus on wealth. Be warned that if you read it and are an employee, you may quit the next day.

Want to know how to build a multimillion dollar online business? It's just how you would build any business. This book taught me about addressing pain and marketing to only the people with the pain.

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