Monday, April 7, 2008

Dog Marketing

I don't have a fenced yard and need to sit outside with my dog while she does her business. When I am patiently waiting, my mind typically goes to business. Today, I thought that my dog is the perfect example of a customer and how you have to market to them.

When she goes out she looks around, listens and sniffs the air. "Anything different than last time I came out?" If there is not, she goes on her way silently. However, if there is the least bit of difference out side, a ball out of place, a sound 1/2 mile away that is not normal, she tells me...loudly!

This is EXACTLY how a customer acts. They are oblivious to the normal climate or landscape. They pass the same billboard 50 times in a month without even thinking.

But when you make that change in their environment, wow! Their eyes pop right to it and they want to know what is different. Bark! Bark!

In that very small amount of time, you have the ability to grab their attention and shift it to your business.

So I thought, what if you have an ad that was always changing. Never the same. This will not work. Because the change will then become normal to your customer and they will not even look after the first few changes.

They say people have to see something about 3 times before the marketing works.

My idea of perfect marketing is changing something in EVERYONE'S environment, leave it there for a couple weeks, then do something totally different. For example, maybe one day you put large glowing signs all over a targetted neighborhood and the next time, send flyers that are printing on circular paper. Anything that is not only different from what you did last time but different from what everyone else is doing. That way you will get a double BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! then BUY!

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